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Perhaps many people do not know this, but mobsters are shady. (No, really.) If you are among the ignorant, this is the only detail you’ll walk away with after watching Federico Rizzo’s The Mafia Bookkeeper, a barely feature-length “thriller” that needs only 71 minutes to make an utter mess. When our ill-defined antihero, Angelo, loses his job, he does the sensible thing and gambles away his savings at a casino. Some weird old dude laughs at him, Angelo insists he give back his money—who wouldn’t?—and suddenly he’s part of the mob. Director Federico Rizzo mistakes globe-trotting for plot, having Angelo chauffeured all over the damn place with the viewer having no clue what’s going on, even if he’s a quick and apparently willing learner—at least initially. Along with locations, there’s a parade of who-the-fuck? characters bossing Angelo around, with occasional and completely interchangeable women popping up. It seems as if a few mere days have passed when Angelo says, “I can’t live like this anymore.” The audience will feel the same, and it’ll have been barely more than an hour.