As one half of the primary songwriting duo in Animal Collective, Avey Tare makes shimmering psych-pop bathed in dissonance. But outside the confines of his main act, that dissonance can sometimes get the best of him. In 2007, he released the inscrutable Pullhair Rubeye with former wife and then-múm member Kría Brekkan, a record whose eight tracks were all played backwards. Luckily, with Slasher Flicks (his new band with ex-Dirty Projector Angel Deradoorian and ex-Ponytail drummer Jeremy Hyman), noise functions as an extraneous flourish rather than a guiding concept. “If there are doubts/ Then we will groove it out,” he sings on the galloping, clear-eyed first single “Little Fang” from the new record Enter The Slasher House, a song that is more reminiscent of MGMT than Merzbow. Still, expect a great deal of cacophony in his set at U Street Music Hall. He may be trying to write pop music, but Tare will stay gleefully weird forever. Avey Tare performs with Dustin Wong and Geologist at 7 p.m. at U Street Music Hall, 1115 U St. NW. $15. (202) 588-1880.