Jamaican dancehall artist Capleton has become tied to controversy. Though he’s been criticized for his homophobic lyrics (he claims they’re not meant to be taken literally), the raw energy of anthems like “Who Dem” or the swanky groove of “Jah Jah City,” two classics from his More Fire album, continues to draw in fans. The incredibly expressive performer charms audiences while onstage, riding riddims with a veteran’s expertise. “Raggy Road,” his tribute to life in rural Jamaica, paints a vivid picture of an island culture that’s based around more than just weed and vacationing Westerners. The ferocious performer casts an imposing shadow, but his musicianship remains top notch, too. Join him at the Howard Theatre, and you’ll see that there’s far more to his act than contentious lyrics. Capleton performs at 8 p.m. at Howard Theatre, 620 T St. NW. $25–$30. (202) 803-2899. thehowardtheatre.com.