Credit: Photo by Matt Dunn

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Let’s face it: For queer hipsters, the mainstream popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race means that drag queens are officially Over. So if you’re looking for the cutting edge in feminine/masculine peformativity and genderfucking, you should tune in to genre-bending entertainers like Pu$$y Noir. Ms. Noir (aka Jason Barnes) is a performance artist, drag artist, runway model, fashionista, and diva rolled up into a sensual ball of legs too long for any one stage to hold. Rather than throwing on wigs, boobs, and too much stage makeup, Noir most often styles herself in classy bustiers and glamorous accessories, with close-cropped hair and no prosthetics. The effect of both a stripped-down costume (pun intended) and coy performance is most closely described as “boylesque.” A self-described “nightclub queen,” Noir can certainly be seen lip-synching “Vogue” in traditional gay boy venues. But she also produces dark fashion flicks and live art gallery performances that will leave you squirming in your seat—from discomfort and pleasure alike.