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The most beefcake memorial in D.C. might just happen to be the one honoring one of America’s most notoriously homophobic organizations. On the eastern wing of the Ellipse stands the Boy Scout Memorial, a bronze and granite trio of figures including a scout in uniform flanked by the allegorical forms of American manhood and womanhood—the former of which is completely naked, save for a conveniently placed, wind-blown tapestry. He’s clearly been putting in work at VIDA. The Boy Scouts of America, meanwhile, very recently began admitting gay scouts, but it retains a ban on “avowedly homosexual” leaders—meaning after a gay Eagle Scout turns 18, he’s banished from the organization. Thankfully, this noble monument, made by Donald De Lue and dedicated in 1964, reminds onlookers that as long as it isn’t “avowed,” flagrant homoeroticism in the BSA is just fine.