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In the upper reaches of Petworth, far north of Dupont, Logan Circle, 9th and U, or any of the other quickly shifting “gayborhoods” are a handful of unassuming houses that are the nexus of a different kind of queer culture. Instead of $7 vodka sodas, top 40 remixes, and trendy tank tops, you’ll find lukewarm Natty Bohs, DIY punk bands, and asymmetrical haircuts. Rather than a burly bouncer, you might be greeted by a cat or two. And partygoers roll up on two wheels, not in an Uber. For decades, queers around the country have shared cooperative living spaces for comfort, safety, and saving a buck while they create music and art or work low-paying advocacy gigs. That tradition is holding strong in D.C., where both queer- and ally-identified group houses like the Rocketship create welcoming venues for crowded, rockin’ house shows, as well as movie nights, community meetings, and even baby showers. But whether you’re listening to a zine reading, headbanging to queercore bands from North Carolina (that’d be Fucking Dyke Bitches and Dick Binge), or seeing local talk-of-the-town Priests for the first time, chances are you’ll be crammed in with a sweaty mob (A/C wastes energy!) of people who feel more at home in a circle of friends than a club full of squares.