You Wont Regret That Tattoot Regret That Tattoo

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The title of this shorts series is apt— there’s little to tie these films together, which makes it perfect for festivalgoers with short attention spans. Presented exclusively through a series of monologues, You Won’t Regret That Tattoo digs into why and when an apparently arbitrary selection of individuals got their respective body ink. The stories unearthed range from tragic to uplifting, but with a total runtime that barely passes 10 minutes, none of the people or narratives manages to transcend the drab, talk-showy presentation. 21 Days—which follows a Polish bus driver as he flounders his way through a three-week crash course in dating—feels almost too charming to be a documentary, at first. But reality sets in when the period ends and he hasn’t yet discovered his soul mate, making 21 Days a sweet but sad tribute to the sheer randomness of finding love.

Silence swallows up every moment in The Visit, a devastating little film that chronicles a very lonely day in a very lonely nursing home. No one speaks. The dingy, dimly lit halls are empty. The backyard garden is falling apart. And that aforementioned visit? It never comes. But the silence beats on.

In the final film of the series, Wild Boar, heavy-handed imagery and a possible allegorical connection to the Holocaust bogs down an otherwise cold, unsettling film about the titular animal and its overpopulation in the Netherlands. A few sequences—like one in which a man places white crosses in the sand to honor the animal’s recent mass deaths—manage to be memorable, but overall, Wild Boar never becomes anything more than a slightly unnerving tone piece.