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Sex sells, even in the world of feminist outrage, and the Ukrainian protest collective FEMEN arouses its audience before they think. Its members—mostly young, beautiful women—protest topless with slogans on their bodies. Directed by Australian Kitty Green, Ukraine Is Not a Brothel is the sort of documentary with a proverbial ace up its sleeve. After the obligatory public nudity, the doc provides a snapshot of key FEMEN members, all of whom speak eloquently about their goals and frustrations with the organization. But Green shifts gears toward the end of the film: The FEMEN members speak about the mysterious “Victor,” who turns out to be a manipulative leader of the group, one who’s described as a necessary evil. The irony of a man leading a feminist collective is not lost on Green or the FEMEN members, and Ukraine Is Not a Brothel ends up as a searing exposé of Victor’s domineering tactics.