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Even with the standard six months to prepare, creating a haute couture fashion collection is a frenzied, pressure-packed process. Shrink that prep time to eight weeks, and the intensity increases dramatically. That’s what minimalist designer Raf Simons had to work with when he took over at Christian Dior after John Galliano was ousted for a highly publicized anti-Semitic rant. Frédéric Tcheng’s solo directorial debut, Dior and I, follows Simons from the moment he’s introduced to the Dior atelier to the final photo-ops at the end of his first runway show. Yes, the story is packed with plenty of insidery fashion industry highs (air kisses from Anna Wintour: check), but the moments of tension between Simons and his freshly acquired staff shows just how high the stakes can seem in the constantly shifting world of wearable art. The drama of Project Runway ain’t got nothing on this.