The plot of Alfred and Jakobine revolves around 84-year-old Alfred’s attempt to rekindle his two old flames: a jalopy taxi, and his ex-wife Jakobine, both of which accompanied him on a trek across the world. Alfred, sensing the end is near, journeys one last time across the country in the beat-up cab to meet up with his former spouse. Along the way, he recruits his estranged son, and the two share a life of memories condensed into a single road trip. There’s a great story behind this film, and the titular protagonists share some incredible history. Director Jonathan Howells researched his subjects for seven years, and his intimate knowledge shows. But it’s too much of a good thing; because of all of Howells’ expository information, we don’t get to the heart of the tale until nearly halfway through the film. Alfred and Jakobine will make you laugh and cry with the best of ’em, but you might sneak in a few snores in between.