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The Hand That Feeds is a tremendous film about deli workers who organize for better conditions in New York City. Many of them are undocumented, making their already risky activism even more fraught. Along with a group of organizers, including members of Occupy Wall Street, the workers fight to create a union at the Hot & Crusty bagel chain. Their demands for higher wages and respect seem reasonable, especially when you meet the kind, decent people asking. Management’s maneuvers to thwart their employees make for a narrative filled with twists, and it’s remarkable to see footage of workers picketing outside Hot & Crusty juxtaposed with the same people, during the same time period, dutifully making sandwiches and mopping the deli’s floor. The film makes you wonder whether the phrase that inspired its title is really about placating your bosses, or if it’s admonishing you to support the community that nourishes your ambitions. The Hand That Feeds is a deeply felt, unapologetically pro-worker film that will hold you in suspense through its final minutes.