My first show at the 9:30 Club was Reel Big Fish. This was in 1999, when the third-wave ska band was already deeply uncool; the crowd was full of underage girls and boys skanking all over the dance floor. It was still a terrific show—the band played its hit “Beer” three times, for one thing, and invited one eager fan to play on stage. In the years that followed, as different punk and indie subgenres have fallen in and out of fashion, ska has always been there with its rabid, uncool fan base. The D.C. band Kill Lincoln, part of a nationwide movement called the Ska Revival Tour, continues in that tradition. Its songs have a full horn section, punk-rock guitars, and plenty of sing-along choruses. Also: Their fans taunt a band member by chanting “FUCK YOU, ALAN” every time they perform, which I find hilarious for obvious personal reasons. Consider their Black Cat show an opportunity to relive that time when you cared so much about a type of music that was never, ever going to make you more popular. Kill Lincoln performs with the Last Slice and Survay Says! at 8 p.m. at the Black Cat Backstage, 1811 14th St. NW. $12. (202) 667-4490.