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Robyn is that rare pop star whose comeback actually eclipsed her debut. In 1997, the Swede who launched a million bleached-blonde asymmetrical haircuts got major radio play with Robyn Is Here, a feel-good collection of midtempo, R&B-tinged pop jams like “Do You Know (What It Takes),” a coquettish roller-rink classic. But after nearly a decade of European releases that flew under the stateside radar, she re-emerged with a more synthy, bass-forward sound on 2005’s Robyn—lauded for “Who’s That Girl?”, a roto-tomming, gender-fucking feminist anthem co-written by the Knife—and found that the iterative pop of her label, Jive Records, didn’t fit her groove any more. So Robyn started her own label, Konichiwa Records, giving her the freedom to make unapologetically dancey hits that still puncture the bounding membranes of pop, growing her mainstream audience while earning deeper indie cred with each release. Body Talk, her 2010 trilogy of electropop albums that brim with potent hooks and attitude, made her the queen of the gay club scene. (Call me a heretic, but I’d put Robyn’s single-shot solo dance number in her “Call Your Girlfriend” video up against Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” any day.) This year, Robyn dove further down the wormhole of electronic music, partnering with Norwegian duo Röyksopp on an adventurous EP, Do It Again. When all three Scandinavians hit the decks at Wolf Trap, expect equal parts glitter-strewn revelry and epic, nine-minute landscapes of smudgy saxophones and synths. Whichever vibe strikes your fancy, you won’t be dancing on your own. Robyn performs with Röyksopp and Zhala at 8 p.m. at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center, 1645 Trap Road, Vienna. $30–$55. (703) 255-1900. wolftrap.org.