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You step inside the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Around you, patrons begin to take their seats. You do the same. According to the playbill, there’s a play tonight: Rorschach Theatre’s She Kills Monsters. Roll a knowledge check. A success! You search your memory and recall hearing that legend from a particularly seedy barkeep in Adams Morganshire. The story goes that this production centers around Tilly, an odd Ohio teenager who lived long ago, in a dark age known as the 1990s. Tilly copes with high school stressors by writing friends and enemies into a custom Dungeons and Dragons module. But when Tilly meets the spectre Death—and perishes in a car crash—her older sister, Agnes roleplays through her late sister’s world in an effort to truly understand her mysterious sibling. Roll your gather information skill to find out more. Another success! You discover from an audience member next to you that this play is a comedy and it debuted at the Flea Theater in New York City to positive reviews from the New York Times. But before you can finish the conversation, the house lights dim, signaling the beginning of the encounter. Let the games begin. The play runs Aug. 15 to Sept. 14 at Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St. NE. $20–$30. (202) 399-7993. atlasarts.org.