If you didn’t get a chance to hit the Maryland Rennfest in August, don’t fret, fair maidens and, uh, brutes (sorry, we’re not fully apprised of what the kids were calling one another in the 16th century), it’s running through October. You’ve got another month and a half to peep at families of all ages (and plenty of high-school theater kids) all done up in their finest Henry VIII–era garb. There will be singing, dancing, jousting, and tons of delicious foodstuffs of varying degrees of authenticity: gargantuan turkey legs, sausages on a stick, and, for the decidedly modern-minded, crab-cake sandwiches and chili poppers. The fest, one of the longest-running Renaissance fairs in the country, takes place in a faux Tudor-style English town called Revel Grove, laid out on 25 sprawling acres and broken down into mini-villages with stages and booths for games, archery, acrobatics, comedy, and knife-throwing. Feeling adventurous? Costume rentals are available at the fair, should you find yourself in ye olde throwback spirit. Through Oct. 19 at Revel Grove. $17.