OK, so D.C. isn’t exactly known as a world style hub; tell us something we don’t already know. But just because we’re not New York or London doesn’t mean we haven’t got our own growing community of local designers, artists, models, and merchants. At no time is this more apparent than at the city’s weeklong celebration of all things sartorial: DC Fashion Week, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The District’s only true attempt at staging a fashion event on par with the major global players in the industry includes networking parties, an outdoor festival showcasing local designers, trunk shows, and an educational seminar. Some highlights of this year’s event: Sept. 20’s H Street Festival Fashion Show, a free pre-show kickoff event at the H Street Festival; Opening Night at the National Archives on Sept. 24 (free admission, featuring Corjor International’s 2015’s spring/summer collection); and the Haute & Modesty show on Sept. 26. It’s the perfect week to take in some prime fall garb-watching while you hob knob with our city’s most stylish people (and silently pretend not to judge their shoes). Sept. 24 to 28; various locations and prices. dcfashionweek.org.