Since the late 1990s, wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have killed more than 5 million people. In his portion of the two-nightTales of Home: Congo/Mozambique, Congolese dancer/choreographer Faustin Linyekula reflects, solo, on his country’s tragedies. Linyekela, 40, is more than just a dancer: He’s a storyteller and performance artist who also sings. In “Le Cargo,” before unleashing his Congolese-meets-modern dance moves, Linyekela airs his worries that strutting for global audiences won’t make a difference back home. He also pines for his rural village, where he was fascinated as a child by ceremonial dances he took part in and late-night adult ones he was barred from watching. His movements transition seamlessly from deliberate, theatrical motions, with footwork that seems inspired by Martha Graham, to fluid ones with upper body shifting reminiscent of traditional African dance. Nov. 21 at Clarice Smith Center. $10–$25.