It’s been said a million times, but it bears repeating: The Black Lips are really weird. Throughout the band’s 15-year lo-fi reign, they’ve spit at, puked on, and made out with each other in just about every indie venue and dive bar in the U.S. But they’ve also made plenty of music worth listening to, and lug a catalog of seven studio albums and countless singles to every show. Though they’ve turned out tunes in a wide variety of genres and styles over the years, the band’s Atlanta-born sound lands somewhere between psychedelic garage-rock and pure distortion. The group’s most recent album, Underneath the Rainbows, carries all the soot and grit that made the band famous, with maybe a smidge more Southern rock-soul. The band’s members are no strangers to the Black Cat, and this time around, they’re bringing along old friends and tourmates the King Khan & BBQ Show, maybe the only band odd enough to play alongside the Black Lips. Expect this show to walk the line between noise-rock and carnival freakshow antics. Oct. 2 at Black Cat. $20.