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In 2005, French electropop artist Julie Budet stormed Parisian playlists with a track uploaded to MySpace. The song, a sort-of diss track called “Je veux te voir,” launched an album deal and eventually a career for Budet, who takes the name “Yelle” onstage. Since that hit, Yelle has gained significant global appeal, appearing at Coachella and venues across the U.S. Now, she’s about to release her third album, Complètement fou,(“completely crazy”) and her sound, described in the New York Times as “sunny…with clean lines and ice-cream hooks” in 2011, has changed since those MySpace days. Yelle is almost one decade older, and it shows in her new single, “Bouquet Final,” a more serious-sounding ballad of passion and newfound love sung entirely in the most romantic Romance language. And don’t expect to understand the words unless you know French—Budet sings in her native language almost exclusively. Although the words may not register to a monolingual English-speaker, the bumping beats and dancey rhythms will hurtle through any language barrier. Oct. 11 at 9:30 Club. $25.