Popular culture alternately shames and celebrates the cougar, an older woman who becomes involved with a younger man. Whether or not you agree with the ethics of that brand of hookup, intergenerational relationships never cease to fascinate audiences. Laura Eason’s Sex With Strangers, making its D.C.-area debut at Signature Theatre, examines one such match-up that begins when Olivia, a driven but commercially unsuccessful novelist, is suddenly joined in the secluded cabin where she’s staying by a young, Tucker Max–esque blogger named Ethan. He admires her writing, she admires his abs, and before long, they’re rolling around sans clothing. But when Ethan’s previous online actions affect Olivia’s perceptions of him, they’re forced to deal with the consequences of their actions in the real world. It’s smart, silly, and, of course, sexy—and with local stage veteran Holly Twyford portraying Olivia, Eason’s play begs audiences to reconsider the cougar. Oct. 14 –Dec. 7 at Signature Theatre. $39–$70.