K.Flay is the kind of artist who’s not afraid to flip someone off. After releasing two mixtapes and three EPs, the indie hip-hop artist—known on her driver’s license as Kristine Flaherty—dumped RCA Records when they wouldn’t commit to an album and decided to fund one all on her own. She raised enough money from fans online in only six days and released her debut album, Life As A Dog, on June 24. “I think of this album as a return to where my head was at when I first got signed. It’s still a hip-hop record but it’s also an alternative record, a pop record,” K.Flay said in a promotional interview. Her sound on Life as a Dog is the intersection of hipster-hop and indie bravado: sandy female vocals paired with rough rap beats and lyrics bolstered by my-way-or-the-highway charisma. While rapping and singing through tracks like “Thicker Than Dust,” K.Flay addresses the anxiety she says she feels in everyday life: “World never seemed like a fair place/Bad people got the nicest things.” Lucky for us bad folks, though, K.Flay is one of them. Oct. 23 at Rock & Roll Hotel. $12.