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I’m a terrible Jew. I never had a bar mitzvah, for one thing. I have three tattoos, with plans to get more, which I’m pretty sure prevents me from getting buried in a Jewish cemetery. Come to think of it, I’m technically not Jewish, since my mom isn’t, and I think that’s what matters? I’m a terrible Jew, so I’m not positive. Anyway, there are tens of thousands like me, which is probably why there’s an audience for a black comedy called Bad Jews. Written by Joshua Harman, the play is about a group of young people who use a funeral to fight over who gets to keep a beloved family heirloom. One Jew thinks her piety is enough to deserve it, while another thinks his relationship with the departed matters most. Either way, funerals have a way of bringing out our best bad behavior, which means this production at the Studio Theatre will be so funny you won’t need to cry. Nov. 5–Dec. 21 at Studio Theatre. $20–$78.