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This season, Woolly Mammoth’s holiday show is about death. But not depressing, suicidal, Ibsenian death—a lighter, softer kind of death. Touring the world since 2006 with a show compiled of death scenes from the greatest (fictional) puppet shows of all time, Calgary’s Old Trout Puppet Workshop promises to “cure your fear of death” in 22 hilarious-yet-existential vignettes. A shirtless Einstein lookalike tells us that we’ve become numb to the reality of death; an Italian opera singer meets his demise onstage via a huge fist; and a frozen man comes back to life hundreds of years in the future and tries to explain the concept of death to future humans who all look like Johnny Depp. Nothing says “holiday celebration” like a little puppet murder and mayhem. Dec. 9–Jan. 4, 2015 at Woolly Mammoth Theatre. $35–$68.