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Last time the Found Footage Festival came to town, in June, the audience was treated to a corporate training video featuring ridiculous accidents, blind people doing some very hands-on learning about human anatomy, and a public-access show whose host takes call-in questions while surrounded by animals that should never be in the same room with one another. Obsessively collecting VHS tapes “found at thrift stores, garage sales, and in garbage cans all across the country,” FFF curators Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher compile their favorite clips and set out on tour, showing their finds in movie theaters all over the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. But it’s not just a clips show; it’s also a stand-up comedy act, with Pickett and Prueher telling the tapes’ absurd backstories and interrupting the videos with some choice Mystery Science Theater–style comments. The duo has been at it for a decade, and most recently, Pickett and Prueher have pranked morning TV shows (Prueher poses as a chef who makes “creative” meals out of your leftovers) and facilitated a reunion between two 1980s late-night TV salesmen who used to make fun of each other and the merchandise they were peddling on air. FFF is always a riot. Your sides will hurt for days. Oct. 3 at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse. $15.