The bandwagon for Ty Segall’s Manipulator has been zagging through every rock ’n’ roll content hole in existence for a few weeks already, but the LP is big enough and groovy enough that nobody should feel ashamed for discovering it “late.” This one is built to last: The California garage/sludge/punk stud granted himself time (and a long guest list), and all 17 tracks are approachable from multiple perspectives. If the funky tension of a track like “Tall Man Skinny Lady” doesn’t immediately nudge your bubble, then maybe the down-a-psych-hole vocals or the unhinged guitar leads will speak to you. And if past D.C. shows are any indication, it’ll all sound blisteringly great live. Segall and his band (which includes the similarly talented Mikal Cronin) balance the immediacy of ’60s protopunk with the shrouded professionalism of ’70s metal, but with nary a wink, even when the cowbells and maracas are out. “To me, Funkadelic and Metallica exist in the same world. So you should be able to drop them both when you make a record,” Segall told Entertainment Weekly in late August. In Manipulator’s case, it’s those two and then some. Sept. 15 at 9:30 Club. $18.