Director Robin Bell’s film documentary Positive Force: More than a Witness is a love letter to the longtime D.C. punk activist collective, known for benefit concerts and occasional protests. Bell, a media consultant for nonprofits, interweaves current interviews with lots of great archival concert footage and political clips from the past 30 years. The work highlights the group’s founding during the 1985 “Revolution Summer,” then traces through punk percussion protests, the “Meese Is a Pig” campaign against Reagan administration Attorney General Ed Meese, financial contributions to homeless support organizations, collaborations with Fugazi, and its food program for the elderly. Musicians like Dave Grohl and Kathleen Hanna explain how the Positive Force activist approach affected their thinking. The film seeks to stay, uh, positive, letting PF cofounder Mark Andersen explain his interpretation of revolution, but saying little about the group’s occasional internal dissension, its sanctimonious reputation, and why its public footprint seems smaller today. Maybe afterward in the Q-and-A. Nov. 14 and 15 at St. Stephen’s Church. $5–$10.