Fresh off its first national tour, local promoter Bombay Knox is bringing rappers Chris Travis and Xavier Wulf back to the DMV for the third time in a year. The Memphis natives have been on a rampage since last winter, releasing a tremendous amount of material on Soundcloud, collaborating with L.A. rapper Bones, and gaining a steady buzz in the rap blogosphere. Their concerts are reminiscent of old-school punk shows, with mosh pits and plenty of crowd surfing. Travis has a fiery sound that pairs well with his beat selection, snappy trap drums and spacey synths, while Wulf layers rhymes on top of syrupy slow, bass-heavy tracks. Come ready to get drenched: Travis’ fans, who call themselves Water Boyz, will be tossing around H2O like it’s still summer. Chris Travis and Xavier Wulf perform at 9 p.m. at 4643 42nd Place, Hyattsville. $13.