Even aside from its name, there’s something seriously ghoulish about Portland, Ore., synth-rock duo Wampire, so seeing the pair live during the week of Halloween makes perfect sense. Case in point: the video for Wampire’s “The Hearse,” in which a photographer shoots a model with a gun positioned on his camera, ties her to a bed, sets the house on fire, and somehow still manages to get the girl. On their latest album, Bazaar, members Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps incorporate creepy cackles, screaming guitars, and chant-like vocals into tracks that make fans want to bang their heads and run for their lives. When they play DC9, hope to your higher power of choice that no fans show up in creepy slasher masks. Wampire performs with Tops at 9 p.m. at DC9, 1940 9th St. NW. $10. (202) 483-5000. dcnine.com.