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When comedian Brian Posehn quit smoking weed, it wasn’t because of adverse health effects, next-day burnout, or its dubious legal status. Posehn quit because, as he once recalled on Conan, he saw a guy remove his fake eye while high, and it freaked him out. Expect these kinds of stories when Posehn appears at the Black Cat and forgoes the usual comedy-club fare of drink minimums, bad food, and prop comedians. Onstage, Posehn tackles topics that often take a self-deprecating turn: “I have not taken care of myself,” he said on his 2013 comedy album, The Fartist. “I recently hit a speed bump in my car going too fast, and parts of my body moved independently of each other.” The rest of the joke goes on to describe—in much cruder language—how one of his man-breasts flopped to the left, while the other jiggled in the opposite direction. “Being in my 40s, I’ve come to hate myself in ways I never thought possible,” he adds in a way that’s funny but also depressing. Missing this intimate show might lead to similar feelings of self-loathing, though hopefully not as severe, nor as jiggly. Brian Posehn performs at 8 p.m. at the Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW. $20. (202) 667-4490. blackcatdc.com.