“They’ve got more nerve than an L.A. biker gang. And some can be just as nasty.” They “just might spit on your car. Kick the door. Hit the side mirrors. Bang on the hood. And dare you to do anything about it.” Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy, was referring, of course, to bicyclists—or “biker terrorists,” as he called them. And he suggested that it just might be worth paying the $500 fine for running them over. That drew a howl from the city’s cycling community, which didn’t particularly want to be mutilated. The backlash inspired Milloy to take (and tape) a downtown spin with Black Women Bike co-founder Veronica Davis, during which he hooted continuously about the perils he faced but concluded, “That was great—except for the other cyclists.” The war on cars is so 2013. This year was all about the war on terror—of the two-wheeled variety. And if the 200 miles of new bike lanes the city’s planning to build are any indication, the terrorists are winning.