Funny folks have been taking pot shots at organized religion since the threat of executions ceased to be an imminent danger, but that doesn’t make Church Night’s premise of “church service plus variety show” any less entertaining. As a youth minister affecting an appropriately nasal Midwestern accent and a holy father with an extraordinarily silly name (Rev. Dr. Stevedore Maybelline Bidet Esq.), Linsay Deming and Landon William Letzkus lead their flock once a month through the only revival that includes over-the-top exorcisms and a cross-dressing organ player. Each part of the service seems tailor-made for weeknight barflies: pews made of rickety wooden chairs; comedians, burlesque performers, and local bands acting as guest praise leaders; a communion wherein the crowd partakes of whiskey and tater tots. However popular the Shots and Tots, the main event is the homily: a series of well-executed jabs at the church dressed up as camp. After five months of selling out the Wonderland Ballroom, Church Night has made the jump to the Black Cat Backstage—a venue that likely won’t be their final stop. When this pilot airs on Comedy Central in about five years, don’t be too surprised.