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We all know D.C. isn’t a state, but in 2014, our fellow Americans had to be reminded that it is, nonetheless, a real place. In February, an agent with the Transportation Security Administration questioned a woman’s D.C. driver’s license at airport security in Phoenix because it wasn’t a state-issued ID. In July, another TSA agent in Orlando tried to tell a D.C. man that his license wasn’t valid. That same month, a man was barred from purchasing booze at a New Hampshire liquor store because the clerk said he needed to show a state-issued ID. And these were just the instances that made headlines.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton rebuked the ID checkers’ ignorance and requested to meet with TSA officials to explain to them that D.C. licenses are, indeed, real. Agents will now be trained to recognize D.C. licenses as legitimate Hey, small victories are still victories.