Unless you count the way our national political system works, D.C. isn’t much of a gambling town. In theory, that could change with the MGM National Harbor casino, which broke ground in September near—but not actually in—National Harbor. The $925 million casino in P.G. County is projected to open no earlier than July 2016.

Eventually, the newly-minted sin center will include a casino decked out with 3,600 slot machines, 140 table games, a 4.5 star hotel, high-end shopping, several restaurants, a 1,200-seat theater, and 35,000 square-feet of meeting and event space. MGM estimates the resort and casino will create 4,000 permanent jobs, and if Prince George’s County is lucky, millions of new dollars in tax revenue. The gambling company’s analysts also project that 70 percent of the casino’s visitors will come from outside of Maryland, meaning extra tourism for the resort and the surrounding area.

If the over-the-top specs didn’t tip you off, this glitzy casino is designed to attract high-roller tourist types, and at 18 stories tall, it will loom over our skyline as a beacon for D.C.’s money-laden lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians. And there’s no Metro stop, so if you can’t afford to Uber there, you might want to cross this one off your list until you win the lottery.