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Of all the Breaking Bad–inspired news events that could have happened in D.C. this year, a rash of Heisenberg hats on 14th Street NW would have been more predictable than a criminal incident involving ricin on Georgetown’s campus. In March, Daniel Milzman, a Bethesda native and science major, told a classmate that he’d manufactured ricin in his dorm room. He was arrested shortly thereafter and pleaded guilty in September to unregistered possession of a biological agent, picking up a one-year prison sentence. (The more than seven months of jail time Milzman already served will count toward it.) The student’s attorney maintained that Milzman suffered from depression and only intended to hurt himself with the ricin—he didn’t want to commit suicide in a way that would additionally distress his parents, like hanging—making the case one of the stranger and sadder chapters of 2014.