The ultimate symbol of foodie cred? Showing up 45 minutes before opening and waiting in line for a seat at Rose’s Luxury. It’s been more than a year since chef Aaron Silverman opened the Barracks Row restaurant, and it still gets more buzz than any place that’s launched since. Being named best new restaurant in America by Bon Appetit didn’t hurt. Despite the accolades and recognition, Silverman still talks about how the food and service could be better: “We can’t claim that we’re successful until our 20-year lease is over and we’ve done it.” But the vast majority of diners who try his brisket platter or now-famous pork lychee dish and experience the dinner party-esque service tend to describe the place as “awesome”—the word lit in neon over the kitchen. So awesome, in fact, that people have gone a little over-the-top about snagging a table. When the restaurant, which usually doesn’t take reservations (except for its roof garden), offered up two for charity, they went for $1,075 and $1,300 on eBay. And when more seats were opened up for New Year’s Eve, they sold out in minutes—and a scalper took to Craigslist.