Vintage pin-ups and sexy models plaster plenty of restaurant restroom walls around town. But that’s not where the raciness ends. Getting it on in restaurant and bar restrooms is a lot more common than you might think. Any industry vet can regale you with stories of couples hogging the restroom, sinks that repeatedly come loose from the wall, and in the case of Marvin, a woman who called the restaurant the next day to see if anyone found her panties. One brazen reader even sent us a video of a couple copulating in the ladies’ room at Le Diplomate—right next to the baby changing table. But in case you’ve ever wondered where’s best to do the dirty, Washington City Paper added “Best Restaurant to Bang in the Bathroom” as a new category in our annual Best of D.C. readers’ poll this year. Nellie’s Sports Bar, the Coupe, and the Palm topped the list. But the No. 1 write-in response? “Gross.”