Nowadays, it’s perfectly normal to meet a potential mate online; in fact, in some ways, it’s harder to meet someone in real life. In Love and Warcraft by Madhuri Shekar (pictured) tells the tale of Evie Malone, a college student and avid World of Worldcraft player. To earn some cash on the side, she pens love letters for people who can’t quite manage their own real relationships. Though our heroine has no trouble completing quests and vanquishing foes online, she’s a different story IRL. It should come as no surprise, then, that when she finally finds a non-virtual boyfriend, she’s a little confused about which buff spells she should be casting. Love has a way of confusing us all, and since Evie’s rarely explored romance, her foibles seem worse than most. If you’re looking to avoid another boring evening falling into an Internet black hole, here’s your excuse to log off. The play runs Jan. 7 to Jan. 25 at Signature Theatre, 4200 Campbell Ave., Arlington. $15–$30. (571) 527-2159.