Check the rise in black lipstick sales: Goth is back, and Zola Jesus is ready to reap the benefits. Nika Roza Danilova grew up quiet and adventurous on a 100-acre forest in rural Wisconsin; now, she channels that isolation into her performance persona Zola Jesus, an experimental pop and electronic singer-songwriter eking her way into the mainstream. Her slight frame and all-black wardrobe could make anyone mistake her for a coven’s Supreme, and her dark but accessible music never lets you forget it. On Zola Jesus’ 2009 EP New Amsterdam, war drums pound as she wails in the foggy distance over staticky guitars, and that ethereal chill remains on her latest album, 2014’s Taiga. Zola Jesus blends poppy, dance-worthy beats and catchy choruses with a supernatural spookiness that, in the right circumstances, cast a bewitching spell. Zola Jesus performs with Deradoorian at 8 p.m. at the Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW. $15–$17. (202) 667-4490.