Summer camp relationships have an uncanny way of extending beyond camp boundaries. Some people make lifelong friendships, others marry—and some form jam bands. That’s the case with the McLovins, a Hartford, Conn., four-piece that started making music in 2009 after meeting at various local music camps. Since all four members have different tastes in music, their compositions vary from simple folk-rock arrangements like “Samson” to more meandering jams like “Tokyo Tea”; live shows are dotted with extended covers of Phish tracks and roots anthems like the Band’s “Up on Cripple Creek.” And while the idea of a jam band might conjure thoughts of tie-dye-plastered baby Deadheads who reek of patchouli, the McLovins sound more like Dispatch than Jerry Garcia & Co. They’ve toured their mellow melodies across New England’s college campuses and small clubs over the past five years and now bring their act further south. Head to Gypsy Sally’s ready to hear long guitar breaks punctuated by tambourine rattles and a few sing-alongs. The McLovins perform with the Beirds at 8 p.m. at Gypsy Sally’s, 3401 K St. NW. $10–$14. (202) 333-7700.