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“Post Nihilist Utopia,” the newest exhibit at Civilian Art Projects by artist-activist Dan Tague, includes works on paper, paintings, sculptures, installations, and a bit of performance art. But Tague hasn’t let go of his signature flourish: dollar bills crumpled in just the right way to expose hidden messages. His rough, origami-like designs shout such phrases as “no future,” “have a nice day,” “not for bribing politicians,” and “burn baby burn.” Such themes are much the same as those in his 2012 Civilian exhibition, in which the dollar bills relayed such messages as “resistance is futile” and “we need a revolution,” but there’s no shame in continuing to mine a vein this rich. For a man whose art was stirred after he lost just about everything in Hurricane Katrina, the most emotional piece in this exhibition is an inkjet print tacked to pieces of oak and pine that reads “made it through that water.” The bottom half of the 8-foot-square construction looks murky and distorted, the result of a soak in the Gulf of Mexico. The exhibition is on view Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., to May 30, at Civilian Art Projects, 4718 14th St. NW. Free. civilianartprojects.com.