A buddy of mine introduced me to Lightning Bolt when I was in college. I had never heard anything like it: With just a bass and drums, two guys from Rhode Island named Brian specialize in an abrasive, heavily distorted kind of noise punk that makes all other music seem tame by comparison. The same buddy told me that listening to Lightning Bolt is like “riding a flaming motorcycle into hell.” Their shows are like that, too. When Lightning Bolt played DC9 a few years ago, I remember seeing fans lose their minds, either from the onslaught of noise or the band’s ferocious energy. That show remains the first and only time I’ve seen a fan hang from the ceiling. Expect the same energy at this Rock & Roll Hotel show, especially since the Brians prefer playing on the floor instead of a stage. Don’t forget your earplugs. Lightning Bolt performs with Buck Gooter and Group Vision at 8 p.m. at Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE. $12–$14. (202) 388-7625. rockandrollhoteldc.com.