Christopher Owens had a stellar run fronting the indie-rock duo Girls at the end of the last decade; the band’s fragile love songs and hazy surf-rock textures made it a critical darling and frequent guest on late-night talk shows. As a solo artist, he’s struggled to settle into a comfort zone—2013’s Lysandre and last year’s A New Testament dabbled with baroque ballads and Americana to mixed reviews. However, last month’s surprise release Chrissybaby Forever suggests Owens has emerged from his slump with a warm, winning formula that draws together his prior creative excursions. “Heroine (Got Nothing On You)” and “Out of Bed (Lazy Head)” are natural extensions of the Girls’ sound that traded out guitar fog for beachy ’60s grooves. “Come On And Kiss Me” may be his most jubilant, gospel-infused ditty to date, and “I Love You Like I Do” is a blissful trance of a song that layers guitar arpeggios underneath a chorus of female vocalists. Chrissybaby Forever is hardly adventurous territory for Owens, but it presents a newfound sense of clarity and purpose that refines his whimsy for the better. Christopher Owens performs with Tomás Pagán Motta at 9 p.m. at Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE. $15. (202) 388-7625.