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Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court’s most reliably and loquaciously conservative justice, always has choice words for the liberal side of the bench led, in large part, by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. His dissent in the most recent Obamacare case savaged liberals’ arguments as “jiggery-pokery” and “pure applesauce”; in the marriage case decided the same week, he called them “pretentious” and “a judicial putsch.” So it’s odd, to say the least, that the two justices are great pals who vacation together and share a love of opera. This last detail inspired University of Maryland Law School graduate Derrick Wang to write an opera about the pair’s prickly but affectionate relationship. If this sounds like blatant pandering to D.C.’s politico-professional class, well, there’s a precedent for political operas, though the tongue-in-cheek Scalia/Ginsburg is more Capitol Steps than Nixon in China. Its debut run is at the Castleton Festival, held each summer at the estate of late New York Philharmonic director Lorin Maazel way out in Virginia horse country. This show’s not so Capitol Hill-centric after all: You’ll need a car to get there. The performance begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Castleton Festival, 7 Castleton Meadows Lane, Castleton. $20–$120. (540) 937-3454. castletonfestival.org.