Titling a plodding song “Giant Biscuit Gravy Bowl” and including the line “veggies are for pussies” automatically turns the ear of listeners, whether they identify as foodies or rock ’n’ roll fans. But dig a little deeper into the four-track demo of local punk act Hemlines, and you’ll find that the band lays its sardonic cross hairs on far worse offenders than plant eaters. Its groove picks up along with the tempo on some more frenzied tracks, with vocalist Katie Park screaming the band’s feminist lyrics with such might and speed, some listeners might find it hard to keep up. When paired with a thumping bassline and explosive cymbal crashes, her power carries the band further than the smaller indoor venues Hemlines has played in the past. It’s appropriate, then, that the band has been chosen to perform at Fort Reno alongside two equally loud acts: Proxy States and Two Inch Astronaut. Hemlines performs with Proxy States and Two Inch Astronaut at 7 p.m. at Fort Reno Park, Nebraska Avenue and Chesapeake Street NW. Free. fortreno.com.