Paris in the 1940s: The Nazis have rolled in and there’s mystery in the air. What will become of Europe’s cultural capital if this dictatorship takes hold? In Karen and Steve Multer’s new musical, code name: CYNTHIA, it’s up to one intrepid spy to keep world order in check. After Betty Thorpe narrowly escapes France, she returns to Washington full of secrets and sleeps with several influential diplomats in order to obtain even more information. One particularly loose-lipped source eventually gives Thorpe the information she needs to stop the spread of fascism and save her own life in the process, turning her into the U.S. government’s closest equivalent to a superhero. The production, inspired by true events, is lousy with romantic trysts, making it the ideal way to pass time until The Americans, our nation’s greatest spy drama, returns from hiatus. The only thing left to consider: Whatever will the spies sing about? The play runs July 29 to Aug. 16 at the Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good Hope Road SE. $25. (202) 631-6291.