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For proof that everything that looked cool and technologically advanced in the early 1980s looks laughably awkward now, look no further than French New Wave director Eric Rohmer’s Full Moon in Paris, which takes place in the City of Lights in 1984, when even sophisticated French women teased their hair and paired high-waisted jeans with baggy sweaters. The film is centered around Louise, a 20-something party girl with her fair share of first world problems, or, as the French like to call it, ennui. Fleeing the Parisian suburbs and the cloying affections of her older urban planner boyfriend Rémi, Louise decides to settle in Paris in solitude and find herself. Unluckily for Louise, her dreams of being an unmoored ship are capsized by a bevy of men, all of whom are wrong for her. Full Moon is the fourth installment in Rohmer’s “Comedies and Proverbs” series, filmed in Paris in the ’80s. This chapter does the best job of visually capturing, mostly through its heroine, the city’s in-flux feel at the time. Louise’s fashion is straight out of Madonna’s wardrobe, while her hair alternates between a Marie Antoinette bouffant and a Brooke Shields perm. The film shows at 4 p.m. at the National Gallery of Art, 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Free. (202) 737-4215. nga.gov.