Despite their appeal to arenas full of suburban teens in the late ’80s and early ’90s, American hair metal bands never quite created danceable music. South of the border, however, the Mexican band Botellita de Jerez combined elements of cumbia with its satirical rock songs to create a sound its audiences loved moving to. The band operated under the mantra “todo lo naco es chido” (everything tacky is cool), and celebrated elements of Mexican culture, like lucha lubre wrestling and urban fashion, that rarely found a place in popular song. After three decades, Botellita announced its breakup in 2013. But now, less than three years later, the group is back on the road and appearing at Tropicalia. Sure, the venue is smaller than Verizon Center and the show probably lacks the production value of the Slippery When Wet tour but I dare you not to dance when the band starts playing “Abuelita de Batman.” Botellita de Jerez performs at 7 p.m. at Tropicalia, 2001 14th St. NW. $30. (202) 629-4535.