Fifteen years ago, it was nearly impossible to turn on the radio or TV without hearing Macy Gray’s “I Try,” her soulful lament about losing a lover. None of her other songs have had the same reach, so it’d be easy to misclassify Gray as a one-hit wonder. Not so fast. In the intervening decade and a half, she’s released seven more albums, appeared in a variety of films and TV programs, and had a heart to heart with Oprah in which she revealed her struggles with drug abuse. Now clean, Gray has hit the road in support of her 2014 album, The Way. Those who enjoyed listening to Gray in the early part of this century will be pleased to learn that she still writes songs that highlight her vulnerability and joy, like The Way’s opening track, “Stoned.” Macy Gray performs with Valise at 8 p.m. at the Howard Theatre, 620 T St. NW. $29.50–$55. (202) 803-2899.