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The best beef in the history of beefs is the beef between Deadmau5 and Skrillex. “Where Are Ü Now,” the implausibly good earworm by Justin Bieber, blew it wide open. Deadmau5 said Bieber didn’t have anything to do with the song, giving all credit to Skrillex and co-producer Diplo. That might sound like a compliment, but Deadmau5 was damning them with faint praise for being so foolish as to let Biebs into the cool-kid computer club. Skrillex shot back, calling Deadmau5 an “arsehole.” The particulars of this beef aren’t as good as the idea of two grown men who dress as characters from a Neal Stephenson novel coming together for a hypothetical resolution—a meeting that absolutely must take the form of a DJ battle, one so over the top that it would have to animated. Picture two of popular music’s favorite EDM and house DJs, charging up Super Saiyan–style as they drop skull-crushing beats on each other’s faces in a bombastic effort to upstage the other. One day the world may get that anime; in the real world, though, Deadmau5 appears to have dropped it, deleting his accounts from Twitter and Facebook. D.C. will have to settle for two nights of Skrillex at Echostage and the Beliebers who are sure to follow him there.Skrillex performs at 9 p.m. at Echostage, 2135 Queens Chapel Road NE. $50. (202) 503-2330. echostage.com.