Understand the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine can be challenging for even the most well-read among us, and the bloody images of children caught in the middle are enough to make observers want to turn away. In an effort to both educate and provide some nuance to this decades-old conflict, Mosaic Theater Company has turned to monologuist and playwright Aaron Davidman. In Wrestling Jerusalem, he channels 12 different characters on different sides of the conflict to try and explain the everyday realities of life in Jerusalem, much like Anna Deavere Smith humanized the opposing parties in Fires in the Mirror. Theater J originally conceived and commissioned the piece in 2007, and as part of the research process, Davidman traveled to Israel and Palestine to find the stories he weaves into this production. Presented at Atlas Performing Arts Center as part of Mosaic’s Voices From a Changing Middle East Festival, Davidman’s bold performance aims to emotionally educate its audience about the stakes of the conflict. The play runs Jan. 6 to Jan. 24 at Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St. NE. $20–$40. (202) 399-7993. atlasarts.org.